Guaranteed Whole Life Assurance


Live rates updated: 19 September 2021

No Medical Questions

Guaranteed whole life assurance is a term used to describe a life assurance policy where you are guaranteed to be accepted without you having to answer any medical or lifestyle questions.

This type of policy is ideal for customers that have a medical condition that would otherwise make it difficult to get any life assurance at all. Typically customers that have recently being diagnosed with cancer become very aware of their financial circumstances as they contemplate perhaps for the first time the very real possibility of passing away.

Other conditions that can suit this type of application for guaranteed whole life assurance include heart attack, stroke, obesity and angina which are difficult to underwrite otherwise.

Try An Underwritten Whole of Life Assurance Policy

If you don’t fall into the category of very seriously ill it’s always worth trying a fully underwritten life assurance where you do have to answer medical questions as underwritten life cover is usually always better value for money.

Table Of Example Whole Life Insurance Quotes – (fixed monthly premiums)
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Last Updated: 19 September 2021 (Source:

Whole Life CoverAge 55 NonSmokerAge 55 SmokerAge 60 NonSmokerAge 60 SmokerAge 65 NonSmokerAge 65 SmokerAge 70 NonSmokerAge 70 SmokerAge 75 NonSmokerAge 75 Smoker
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Most Guaranteed Whole Life Assurance policies have a waiting period at the beginning which means that if you die the policy only pays back the premiums paid. The waiting period is usually 2 years but two providers have a one year waiting period, these are Aviva and Liverpool Victoria (LV=).